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App very slow since last update

Nice new UI but performance is very poor. Also, presenting bugs. Just try to select a white color paint. There is a pallet of colors that appears but white is not there... interesting...

A shame

The last update destroys all my projects ! The fonctionnalities and efficiency are downgraded ! The UI is not user friendly... How a bad choise of evolution !!!

Nice App

Nice app. Very easy to learn and use. Im using to design interiors for my house.


The best of!

Not compatible with iOS 9.

I liked the app and tested the beta for a few weeks, but the new version is not compatible with iOS9 anymore...

Basic but good app

Does what it says. 2D is easy to achieve. Missing room rotation feature to make it a "very good" 2D application.


This is a great app

Edit in 3D

It would be greatly appreciative if there was an edit to put furniture in 3D mode as well as the colour changing. It would be so nice and easier. Save us a headache from going back and forth to see if its in the right spot. Thank you so much. Hopefully this gets somewhere! Thanks!

My review

Great game


Awesome game but we should be able to make a 2 floor

Fun and easy

Not a professional designer, just a hobbyist. Home Design 3D Gold is so much fun, and pretty darn easy to use. 4 stars... add a few features and Id up that to 5. Wish list: 1) I wanna add a basement, but the stairs only go up, and never down (second floor should be related to main floor so stairs are correctly placed - and moving one auto-moves the other 2) Roof. Hey, wouldnt it be neat if there were roofing options? (there are textures, but I havent figured out how to actually add a roofline) 3) would like to add separate outdoor spaces (delineated by texture) without having to add a room which mucks up my square footage count. 4) More furniture / lighting options (what, no potlights?!!)


Love this app!


Great app love it except it crashes randomly sometimes. Also, I hope we will be able to make a second floor on houses...!


I like this app. makes me happy to make houses


Lacks accessories for walls

2 things

2 things would make this app complete. The ability to create multiple levels on the same file and (on the same note) the ability to create some depressions and elevations on the landscape.


Best app Ive ever used

Home design

Its very useful

Love It!

Its super easy to use, and the 3D mode is a really awesome feature! Something to add in the future would be changing the color of imported textures, and adding furniture in the 3D mode. I love it!


Love this app

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